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Dromma Bed Review

May 24, 2017

dromma bed mattress


If you are looking for a review of Dromma Bed in-depth review. Then you have come to the right place. In this my article I will review Dromma Bed.
It is a very thick mattress and It has two different options for comfort. The one is medium soft and anther one is medium firm. From this two different options of Dromma bed, I preferred medium soft one. Because It is better than the medium firm bed. 

How you can order
Dromma bed
It’s a very easy process to order dromma bed. You can buy it from online and after ordering it, you will get It at your door within 5-7 days. It is fully manufactured in the USA. SO, you will get your product in time. 
Dromma Bed Construction:
This bed is 12” high of three different layers. These three different layers will give you very much comfortable when you sleep. The first layer of this mattress is 1.5” of flow latex foam. This later foam will reduce your temperature. The middle layer is 2.5” of breeze gel foam.

This layer of gel foam will keep you cool when you sleep. The gel foam is cooling foam. And the last bottom layer is 8” of cool base foam. This layer is for support. While you sleep this layer will give you support. The Dromma mattress uses the bio-foam in it. The bio-foam is basically memory foam. 

You want to buy this mattress if:

This mattress is very good at pressure relief. Because of its gel foam layer, you will not feel hot while you sleep. SO, If you want to sleep cool then This mattress you want to buy.

If you are a side sleeper then you should buy this mattress because It pressure relief is very good.

Other features: 

Its motion transfer is extremely good. 
If you buy it and open it, then you might smell some chemical smell but this smell will go away after a few hours. So you have to worry about it. 
You will get it under $1000. It has 6 different sizes and for these 6 different sizes, its price is not the same for every size. 

Final verdict:
Overall, I think the company is providing best quality product at its price. If you want to buy it, You can buy it without any tension. Its motion transfer feature is good. You will not feel any distraction while you sleep. You will feel cool. 

A good mattress is very much needed for a better sleep. So, If you need a better sleep you can invest on it. I’m sure you will be satisfied after sleeping on it. Its price is reasonable. Because the have used high-quality materials. If you are thinking that this mattress is overpriced, then you are a little bit wrong. This mattress is also eco-friendly. I have reviewed many mattresses but I haven’t seen any mattress high is 12”. All of them are 10 is high. Only this mattress is 12” thick.





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